How To Tell Your Kids You Are Getting A Divorce?

How To Tell Your Kids You Are Getting A Divorce

Divorce is often a challenging phase in our lives – Especially when there are kids involved.   It’s important to talk to your kids about the situation and how it will affect them and what they will face. Informing your kids about the situation is what a parent should do before they hear it from somewhere else. By taking control and being the first one to talk to your kids, you can control the narrative.

Children of all ages will remember the conversation you have with them about divorce, its meaning, and how the situation will affect the household. That is why acting with care and not slandering each other through the process will be something to be conscious of. Kids are special to everyone, so make them feel happy and are being cared for, even though the entire proceedings. Otherwise, different factors can come into play, leading to your child being depressed, getting anxious, or thinking that all relationships will end in heartbreak.

Make a Plan How to Tell Your Kids

Don’t just inform them out of the blue; it can make matters worse. Plan the situation, even if it means taking time out and answering all their questions they might have. Make it comfortable and let them know that everything will still be the same, even though you’re separating or getting a divorce.

Don’t Blame

Slandering and blaming one another can’t do much for you. Don’t do it for the sake of your children. They will not want to hear stories about the reason.  instead, they will want to know that they will still be loved and cared for. Blaming can hurt them and harm their relationship with the other parent. That can lead to depression and negative thinking. Instead, be polite and be careful about the tone and words you choose.

Support them and Reassure Them

Reassurance is vital when it comes to tough times like this. Helping them understand why this is happening and telling them that what will change and what will stay the same can be helpful in more ways than one. Reassuring them to know that their parents will still love them and do love them. That it’s not their fault, and they are parting ways amicably, on their terms, and have decided it’s for the betterment of their family. Support your children and talk to them while also asking questions, so they feel involved and not be left out of the conversation.

Questions are Key to Adjusting

Be inviting and answer their questions, don’t hesitate, and don’t make them feel pressured. It is a tough time for them to understand; they will need time to comprehend the situation. If their reaction is rude and disappointing, it is entirely normal. Don’t shout and be kind and caring, Let them ask questions to you and give them the politest answers.

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