Considering a Coronavirus Divorce? Here’s some tips

Considering A Coronavirus Divorce

With everything breaking apart during the Corona Virus outbreak, marriages are one of the most affected. Many businesses have suffered huge losses during the Pandemic, which is still ongoing. These losses have led the businesses to either completely shut down or partially operating conditions have made them lay off many employees. This sudden depression in the employment sector has caused many people to suffer from big financial problems. But what does all this have to do with marriages breaking apart? Of course, financial tension creates pressure on both partners in a relationship. But that is not the only reason for the increased divorce rate during the Pandemic.

Governments imposed lockdowns for people’s safety, but these lockdowns have made life extremely monotonous and dull. Now the couples who were already struggling with their marriage have had a solid reason to end their relationship. With normal routines of jobs and the everyday hustle and bustle, it is very hard to find some time to discuss such issues for the partners. But with the lockdown imposed, where both the partners live with each other 24×7, issues start to increase. However, there are many ways to deal with such a situation. Here are some quick tips if you are considering a divorce during Coronavirus.

Attempt to Resolve

The first and foremost effort that needs to be made is to be reasonable. The best way is to understand why your partner does not want to continue the relationship with you is to discuss it. If it is the other party that is causing the trouble, then there can be a proper discussion as to why they are behaving like this. Before you simply ‘end’ the relationship, it should ensure that there’s been a thorough discussion

Seek Mediation

Suppose discussions don’t seem to reach any positive resolution, and divorce seems to be the only out. In that case, it’s recommended to seek Mediation in the initial stage of the divorce as it can provide an outside neutral perspective, many problems can be seen from a different angle and possibly resolved. But if the Mediation also does not seem to work in settling the conflicts, then A good lawyer should be consulted.

Consulting a Lawyer

It is essential to fully understand all the consequences of a divorce. The property distribution, children’s custody and access, support provisions, etc. However, these things can be better explained by a lawyer. A lawyer will begin with establishing the type of divorce that the couple is going to choose. Out of the three possible ways, 1) Joint Divorce, 2) Uncontested divorce, and 3) Contested Divorce, the first one is the easiest.


It is very important to obtain the consent of your spouse to proceed with the divorce. Although it can be done without their consent, with consent, it is much easier. This is the type of divorce that is referred to as Joint Divorce.


Coronavirus has been associated with many problems around the globe. In these tough times, don’t let your loved ones feel the bitterness of your character. It gets tough at times, but then again human beings are designed to be social. So, we have to have more patience and calmness in ourselves for our self and for our loved ones.

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