What not to say to your divorce lawyer in Brampton?

divorce lawyer in Brampton

The process of divorce is not an easy task. The couples have to go through a challenging time when they are getting separation or divorce. They are dealing with different types of feelings and emotions, and that’s understandable. They might be so emotional and say something or do something that they might regret later on. At this point, people may even say things to the lawyer that they shouldn’t. Therefore, knowing what to say and what not to say to your divorce lawyer in Brampton is the key to getting the best possible settlement.  


When we talk about divorce, many issues come up, including financial and legal issues. That’s why we recommend that the person should get in touch with a professional divorce lawyer—a lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with clients the right way. The client needs to make sure that they communicate things clearly with the divorce lawyer. That includes talking about the long-term and short-term goals so that the lawyer can make timely decisions regarding the divorce.  


This article will discuss some of the things you don’t have to say and things you have to say to a divorce lawyer. But, first, let’s start with the things you have to don’t have to say.

Nothing Is Irrelevant

When you are talking with your divorce attorney, it is essential to give them a clear picture of the case. It would be beneficial for you if you told them all the relevant details. There might be a few things that you think may be irrelevant. However, it is still better to communicate it with the attorney as they might think it is relevant. It would help them determine whether it would be an issue later on in the case. However, you don’t have to be too open with the attorney’s lawyer and tell them everything about your family and children.

You Don’t Have to Hide the Written History of Marriage

It would make things easier for the attorney if you provided the details of your marriage. Some of the things which you have to tell a divorce lawyer in Brampton are:

  • How you met your partner
  • When did you marry?
  • Names of the children
  • Children’s age
  • Your education
  • Your Workplace.
  • What are the reasons that lead to divorce?

A good practice is to write down things in chronological order starting from the date and time when you met your partner. And not to forget to mention the assets that you or your spouse possess.

I Will Never Pay Child Support to My Ex-Spouse

Statements like these should always be avoided in front of a divorce lawyer in Brampton. According to the law, you are obliged to obey the child support order. There are different agencies which look after this issue. In Ontario, Family Responsibility Office – FRO is the one who takes care of the child support transactions. It could become a big issue if you don’t pay for the child support if you have the child support order. Your partner could take multiple actions against you. They can make you pay child support and possibly hold you in contempt of court. And, if that doesn’t help, they can also ask for an income withholding order. That means they would be able to collect the money directly from your employer. This order would ensure that the company deducts a certain amount of money from the paycheck before it goes to you.

Things to ask your divorce lawyer? 

Now, you’re familiar with the things which you shouldn’t say or ask the divorce lawyer. Consider asking these questions from your divorce lawyer in Brampton and beyond.


How many years of experience do you have handling divorce law cases?


Dealing with divorce is not easy. And, if you don’t have someone to guide you well on the legal paperwork and the procedures, it could get difficult for you. People should consider contacting a divorce lawyer who is experienced in dealing with an uncontested and contested divorce. Only experienced lawyers can help you deal with this sensitive separation or divorce issue very well as they understand the nitty-gritty details about the case.  


Do you have experience with many cases similar to mine? 


You don’t want to get your surgery done by a doctor doing that specific surgery for the first time in your life. Likewise, you wouldn’t want someone to deal with the divorce or separation case when they have never dealt with that kind of case before. Each individual is different, and every marriage is different. That’s why if the divorce lawyer has been dealing with diverse kind of cases would be able to deal with your case very well.


How long is the process going to take? 


If you haven’t been through a divorce before, let us tell you that it is a complicated process. It will be difficult to determine how long it is going to take to complete the whole process. However, a good lawyer can help you navigate the whole process and all the information you need to provide, expected time to complete the whole process.


When you are talking to your divorce lawyer, make sure you convey all the relevant information. There might be a few things related to the case that you might think are irrelevant, but it could help the lawyer down the road. Moreover, you don’t need to hide the history of the marriage. For instance, you may consider telling him about when you got married, the names and ages of your children, where you work, your education, etc.


On the other hand, there are few questions that a person may consider asking the divorce lawyer, such as how many years of experience they have, how long the process will take, etc.


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