7 Tips From a Family Lawyer On What Not To Do During Separations

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Separation can be harsh for anyone. It is the time in your life that you become a bit vulnerable and may act differently than you do, things you normally don’t. Reaching out to a lawyer may help you. Family lawyers are great at handling separation cases, and they can provide the assistance required for better outcomes.

Separation happens when disputes and quarrels between couples start to happen more frequently and start affecting the relationship. When both individuals reach a consensus, they decide that it is time to separate. It may sound easy, but not all separation goes smoothly as most couples end up in serious disputes. If you don’t want to end up having problems with your spouse during the separation, then there are a few tips that your family lawyer may give you that will keep the process going smoothly.

When you decide to separate from your spouse, so many questions arise without any known answers. These questions include how you will adjust your finances, how much money you will have to support your issue, and any children where they will reside. Here are seven tips from a family lawyer on what not to do during the separation.

First Thing To Do

The very first thing to consider when separation happens is to take care of the children. You have to make sure that you don’t just move out without consulting a lawyer. Consulting a lawyer is important because if you move out without any plan or separation agreement, it will portray a bad image of you on your children and in court, and it could last a lifetime.

Do Not Deny Your Partner Some Time With The Kids

Separation is hard on individuals who are separating from each other, but it could impact the lives of children connected with their parents. Most of the time, the children take the blame for separation and end up feeling responsible. If you have possession of children, give ample time to your spouse to spend with the kids. Besides, when separation is in the process, the children get less time with either one of the parents, affecting the bond.

Never Rush Into a New Relationship

If you are separating from your spouse, rushing into a new relationship is not a good move. The emotional baggage that you may be carrying could affect you and the person you are rushing into. It is never a good idea to rush things when you are in the middle of a separation. Giving yourself time to heal is always a better option. It is often considered a sign of disrespect to the person you are leaving and yourself. Instead, you can give that time to your kids and get something worthwhile out of it. This gesture will not only help you heal completely but will also give you some time to rethink your decision.

In contrast, most judges do not care about post-separation relationships unless that is the cause of the separation. Introducing your children to your premature relationship is not a good thing. If you have any new relationship, sit with your former life partner and discuss it before introducing it to your children, it will keep things in perspective.

Never Publicize the Separation

Not just separation, publicizing any personal matter on social media can cause you unnecessary troubles. Keeping personal matters to yourself is the right thing to do. There will be your friend and family on your social media accounts, and they all will witness it without having to know the matter in its entirety. If asked, it may backfire in the court as you may have to give all that information to the other side of litigation.

Never Badmouth Your Spouse

Badmouthing your spouse during or after separation is a bad thing to do, especially in front of others or children. Never use this situation to gain the trust of anyone. It could backfire, and dragging someone is never a good idea. Instead, talking to your spouse or setting some ground rules might give both individuals peace of mind.

Never End it With Bad Blood

Separation means that now you and your spouse have decided to part ways. That does not necessarily mean that now you both have to keep ill feelings for each other. These ill feelings can ruin your life even after separation. The best way is to end things once and for all at the time of separation. Clear all the bad blood between each other that has been brewing over for some time. Ending your relationship with harmony opens the door for both parties to feel at peace and gain the necessary closure.

Separation is hard, and things like this make it harder for everyone involved. It would help if you kept your actions under an ethical compass to be done with your spouse.

Do Not Become Threatening or Violent

Separation can break you and make you into someone you are not. If you try to threaten or commit a threatening act can get you in trouble. You may end up losing custody of your children if you have, or it could impact your claim on separation and in a worst-case scenario, you may need to hire a criminal lawyer that could only increase your legal cost.

Final Words

These are some tips from a family lawyer on what not to do during separation to save you from a lot of trouble. Try to follow all the tips that are mentioned above. Remember to consult your family lawyer as they have experience when it comes to dealing with separation.

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