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Can a Mother Lose Custody of Her Children After Divorce in Mississauga? Here’s What You Should Know

When a couple decides to divorce, the most critical priority for both parents is often the children’s well-being. Determining who gains custody and visitation when it comes to divorcing couples can be emotionally taxing, with profound implications. It’s not an easy decision, which is why so many people wonder about their rights when it comes…

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Spousal Support: 6 Things You Need to Know in Mississauga

Deciding to end a marriage is never easy, and the financial implications shouldn’t be overlooked. Spousal support—also known as alimony or maintenance—can play an essential role in ensuring that both parties are taken care of following a divorce or separation. Understanding the different types of spousal support available and how they may affect your long-term…

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How are Assets Split in a Divorce? Everything You Should Know About it in Mississauga

Dividing assets in a divorce can be one of the most challenging tasks couples go through at the end of their marriage. It takes an emotional toll on each individual. It requires knowledge of complex legal principles and extra patience for two parties to agree on how everything will be split up. With so much…

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What is a Prenup and How Does it Affect a Divorce in Mississauga?

When two people decide to get married, it’s an exciting time – full of promise for a happy life together. Unfortunately, not all marriages are meant to last forever, and one eventuality that many couples need to plan for is the possibility of a divorce. Divorce is a phenomenon that many married couples go through…

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How to Inform Your Child of Your Divorce

When you think of a divorce, your mind quickly conjures images of intense tension and bitter feelings. When you look at it from a distance, divorce may seem like a non-issue. But as soon as you step into the moment, you see that everything has changed. Their parent’s divorce has emotionally scarred their children, and…

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How To Approach Your Spouse for a Divorce

What will you do if your marriage becomes increasingly challenging to manage? Is it time to ask for a divorce? If so, what steps should you take to end the marriage? Divorce is a complex process, and there are no single solutions. The good news is that by following the proper steps, you can avoid…

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The 6 Biggest Divorce Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid in Mississauga

Divorce is a scary thing. It can be dangerous for those who are expecting a child. It affects both the partners. You know what that means: uncertainty and heartbreak. To make the most of your big step in life, it’s helpful to have some guidance on how not to divorce your spouse. Luckily for all…

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Myths About Divorce That Prevent You From Developing

Do you ever wonder what it would take for you to divorce your significant other? If you live in a community, chances are you’ll hear stories about people getting divorced all the time. Divorce is NEVER easy, but it’s also not impossible. Many factors go into getting divorced, and it’s never as simple as everyone…

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Consequences of Adultery in Canada

You may be surprised to learn that adultery is still a criminal offence in Canada. In the past, adultery was considered a moral issue. Nowadays, it is regarded as a legal issue. While it’s not as commonly charged as it used to be, there are still severe consequences for those caught cheating. While adulterous relationships…

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How To Help a Friend Going Through Divorce in Mississauga

When a friend goes through a divorce, knowing how to best support them can be challenging. You want to be there for them but don’t want to say or do the wrong thing. So let us help you with tips that’ll surely add to your friend’s comfort while going through a divorce. But before you…

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