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Common Financial Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce

Divorce can make for a monumental life transition. Not only is the relationship between you and your partner ending, but now also comes the opportunity to dig into major financial decisions amid such immense emotional and stressful energy. In that wave of emotions and pressure, there’s always tendencies to blunder when managing finances. It is…

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Co-Parenting with Fun: Making Divorce Easier on Your Children

Divorce is never an easy hurdle to cross if children are affected. Despite the difficult transition, there’s a more popular way of tackling divorces lately: co-parenting. It’s pivotal to find strategies that make this divorce process less taxing Emotionally so kids can have a relatively ‘normal’ life during the change from two households to one.…

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Overcoming Divorce Blues: How to Inject Fun Back into Your Life

Divorce can knock you off your feet, leaving you with little energy for fun. Nonetheless, it’s essential to know that life will advance and present valuable opportunities. That’s why we have created ways to bring light back into the post-divorce life sooner so you can recover faster and focus on your happiness. We have dedicated…

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How to Help a Friend Going Through a Divorce: Gift Ideas Included

Going through a divorce isn’t easy for someone you love. Knowing how to help during this time of stress and difficulty can be challenging. Whether your friend is simply considering separation or already in their post-divorce life, it’s essential to show them emotional and practical support at each step. Why not surprise them with a…

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The Pros and Cons of a Do-it-Yourself Divorce in Canada

Diving into divorce can be incredibly tough, especially when it means saying goodbye to what used to be your regular. While some brave souls decide to handle it alone, is it worth it? Before you make any hasty decisions and end up wasting your moolah down the line, it’s critical to know the pros and…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Being a Good Friend During Divorce

Divorce is a tough road for everyone involved – friends and family included. It’s hard to stay neutral when those we care about are navigating this emotional time. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back with some tips on being a good friend during this challenging journey. It’s all about maintaining your emotional balance while…

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When To Consider Getting a Divorce in Oakville

Splitting up is a big deal, and it’s no secret that it can be tough on your mental and financial well-being. However, sometimes it’s necessary to say goodbye to an unhappy marriage and move on to the next chapter in your life. If you’re wondering if divorce is the right choice, this blog post covers…

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How To Prove Child Abuse in Court in Mississauga

Nothing is more imperative to safeguard our little ones than their safety and general well-being. However, heartbreakingly, it may not be uncommon for child abuse to go overlooked or nonexistent. When this happens, legal rights attorneys must have any required materials and understand just how to make the point in court if an alleged abuser…

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Lump Sum vs. Monthly Payments: Which is Best for Spousal Support?

For divorcés and those soon to be, making decisions regarding spousal support can be complex. It is an emotional topic which affects both parties differently, so finding the right solution for yourself might not be as straightforward as it sounds. Financially, choosing between lump sum payments and monthly payments is crucial. If you’re struggling to…

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False Accusations During Divorce: How to Protect Yourself

It’s sad but true for some; divorce proceedings can get volatile and contentious. One of the techniques a spouse might use during this high-stress time is to level false accusations against their former partner. These claims go far beyond just being hurtful words; they can stain someone emotionally and rip them financially should steps toward…

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