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Family Law Services

  • Divorce

    Divorce Fast in Oakville provides both contested and uncontested divorce services that are affordable

  • Seperation Agreements

    It's always cheaper to negotiate and settle matters among spouses rather than having such issues settled by the court. Beware of templates found online, and unlicensed non-lawyers providing separation agreement services.

  • Child Support

    Dealing with child support is often a contentious and difficult issue. We work to ensure there is an appropriate child support agreements are in place so you can get on with your life.

  • Child Custody

    No one enjoys a messy child custody battle. We work with you to make the child custody process as smooth as possible.

  • Support Claims

    We work with many support claims and will work on your behalf in order to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

  • Division of Property & Assets

    Where issues arise around the division of property and assets in the relationship, we work as mediators in order to make these issues a painless one.

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Searching for a Divorce Lawyer in Oakville to Deal with Divorce or Seperation?

Want a divorce or separation in Oakville, but don't know where to turn? Divorce Fast has all the knowledge and experience of family law to help you out. Our divorce lawyer in Oakville can handle every aspect of your case. We offer our expert services to clients like you at affordable rates. We've been helping families for over 15 years with our highly credible family law that's accessible to those in need. Our family lawyer in Oakville proudly solves the cases associated with divorce, separation, and family law.

What Can Our Family Lawyers in Oakville Help You With?

We have been offering quality service to our clients for many years. Our divorce lawyer in Oakville confidently represent cases for families. We are committed to fully preserve the rights of our clients regardless of the circumstances associated with the family matters. Our family lawyers in Oakville can help you with the family issues, such as child custody, divorce, separation, division of property or assets, and support claims.

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The Expertise of Our Family and Divorce Lawyer in Oakville

We have the right lawyer for you. Whether you need assistance with divorce, separation, parenting plans, guardianship, or mediation; our lawyers can help you work out the legal matters in the best possible way.

The very first thing that our family lawyer in Oakville does is to listen to the clients’ problems carefully. The lawyer will work closely with you and work hard as possible to come up with the right solutions for you while keeping you informed throughout your case.

The ‘Divorce Fast’ lawyers believe that you have all the rights to have experienced and dedicated representation helping you through the arduous and challenging family matters. They know how emotional and inflexible it can be to face the prospect of a divorce or separation. It is particularly authentic if there are children in your family.

We have the top lawyers on Oakville to explore alternate dispute resolutions options initially. They will try to resolve the matters of divorce for you without having to go to the courts. However, if we are unable to solve your case of divorce or separation, then our divorce lawyer in Oakville will try the best to represent you positively in all court proceedings. You will be provided all the guidance and support by our lawyer throughout the process. Moreover, our lawyer also offers to coach you with self-representation if you wish to take your case on your own.

Our family and divorce lawyers will always be with you to make sure your case gets resolved in the best way possible. They can assist you with mediation, separation agreements, child custody, child support, guardianships, and divorce concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law in Oakville

Getting a Divorce in Oakville?

Getting a divorce in Oakville is an intricate process. However, if you clearly state the purpose of divorce while filing the case; then the process can become simpler for you. Our divorce lawyers in Oakville are always ready to help you out to file a divorce in a clear-cut way. Here's the overall process:

  • Complete a divorce application
  • Submit your application to an Ontario Courthouse
  • Pay the required court fees.
  • Follow the court rules and procedures given.


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