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How Much Does a Divorce in Ontario Cost?

Flat-rate fees only apply to our uncontested divorce service.


We complete your divorce paperwork Only. You will also pay $632 Court Fees when you file the paperwork in court.

  • Initial Divorce Consult
  • Complete Paperwork
  • Complete Paperwork
  • Court Processing
  • Serving Spouse
  • Final Divorce Order


Mandatory government court fee of $632 and taxes are Extra. We process your entire case through court.

  • Payment Plan Option
  • Initial Divorce Consult
  • Complete Paperwork
  • Court Processing
  • Serving Spouse
  • Final Divorce Order

Payment Plan

We offer our customers an easy payment plan
with our complete divorce package.
3 payments of $280.

  • 1st Payment - Divorce Started
  • 2nd Payment - within 30 Days
  • 3rd Payment - within 60 Days
  • Divorce Completed!
  • All Clients Qualify
  • Quick, Simple & Affordable

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Why Choose Us?

Divorce Fast is owned and operated by Kala Law Firm Professional Corporation. Our team of Ontario lawyers has over 15 years of experience handling divorce and other family law matters.
  • Ensure the submitted paperwork keeps moving forward
  • Guide you towards your goals in the most beneficial manner
  • Provide you with a concise process to avoid any 'bumps' along the way
  • Don't get bogged down with back & forth so you can move on with your life quickly

Seperation Agreement Costs

Review Seperation Agreement

$250 Flat Rate
  • We simply review and provide independent legal advice

Simple Seperation Agreement

$500 Flat Rate
  • Includes consultation, complete waivers, filing & notarization

Custom Seperation Agreement

  • Pricing depends on clauses required such as property, child custody, support clauses etc.

Bundle Deal: if you are using our uncontested divorce service, you will receive a $200 discount and the cost of a simple separation agreement will be $300