How To Help a Friend Going Through Divorce in Mississauga

how to help a friend going through divorce in mississauga

When a friend goes through a divorce, knowing how to best support them can be challenging. You want to be there for them but don’t want to say or do the wrong thing. So let us help you with tips that’ll surely add to your friend’s comfort while going through a divorce. But before you use them, keep in mind you don’t need to give them advice unless they ask for it – and even then, be careful about what you say. It’s important to remember that they’re going through a tough time, and they need your support more than anything else.

Listen to Them

Sometimes all a person needs is an ear to rant to, yell at, and even overshare, all without them judging. Be that ear. Let them talk about their feelings, and don’t try to fix things. I know it can be challenging but remember they don’t want you to speak or try to come up with a solution; they just want you to listen without invalidating them.

Offer practical support

Going through hard times can lead to depression; once a person is depressed, it can be hard to even get out of bed. Which is something your friend might be going through. By offering practical support, you could make things easier for them and take tons of load off their backs.

Here are a few ways you could help with that:

Help with their paperwork

Having work pressure while going through a divorce is the last thing your friend needs. Try to help them finish it as quickly as possible so they can relax problem free.

Organizing their home

People with a lot on their minds can sometimes forget about self-care and cleanliness, which is entirely valid. A person can have so much going on that they will come to a point where they don’t care about their surroundings anymore. Help your friend get out of that point by offering help around the house. Remember, every little effort makes a difference.

Finding a new place to live

If your friend loses their home during the divorce, you can help them find a new place quickly. They might need help finding a good place for themselves with a lot going on and less time. So while they’re occupied with that, as a friend you can help get them a suitable place to live.

These are just a few of the numerous ways you can offer practical support to your friend in need.

Avoid Giving Unsolicited Advice

As we discussed earlier, they might just need an ear that listens instead of advice they don’t need. Let your friend make their own decisions. They know what is best for them. Suppose you give unnecessary advice while they are vulnerable. In that case, it might lead to them listening to you instead of themselves, which might result in them making a wrong decision for themselves.

Keep in Touch

Call them randomly throughout the day and check up on them. Make sure they know you’re there for them, no matter what. You never know; you might end up making their day.

Don’t Judge

This is probably the last thing your friend wants, and it will not help them feel better. Just be there for them and let them talk about their feelings. They will cope and lash out however suits them, and as their friend, you shouldn’t judge them for their ways, even if they’re different than yours.

Respect Their Boundaries

Sometimes when you’re trying to talk, they might not want to, which is entirely okay. Respect their wishes and give them space until they’re ready to reach out again. You need to understand that you just have to be there for them and not push them to do anything; therefore, just prove you’re there for them and wait for them to open up.

Don’t Take Sides

This is the worst thing you could do when your friend is going through a divorce, which is why you should avoid it altogether and do the opposite.  Taking your friend’s side against their ex-spouse can be tempting, but this is rarely helpful. Try to support both of them and resist the urge to gossip about the divorce. Remember that divorce isn’t a pick-and-choose game, and there is no right or wrong side to it most of the time.

Respect Their Privacy

As a good friend, you can help them by not prying into their personal life or asking too many questions about the divorce proceedings. Let them share what they want to share, and don’t push them beyond their comfort level. They already have too many people questioning them. Give your friend some comfort by doing the opposite.

Take Them For a Day Out

Everybody needs a break, but your friend does more than anyone right now. Plan a day out for them; it could be as simple as going to lunch at a lovely cafe where they could get some fresh air with a nice view. This could be very therapeutic for them and allow them to think openly.

Encourage Them to a Good Family Lawyer in Mississauga

All these are great ways to help your friend, but the most efficient and beneficial is to guide your friend to a good family lawyer in Mississauga. A family lawyer can help them through the legal process and ensure their rights are protected. They can also provide the proper guidance and assistance that your friend needs throughout their divorce. Helping speed up the process might be very beneficial for your friend, which is another one of the benefits a family lawyer can provide.

Final Words

Nobody plans to get divorced when they get married, but sadly, it does happen. Suppose you have a friend who is going through a divorce. In that case, you can do these things to help, but remember they might just be temporary solutions and less beneficial than directing them to a good family lawyer in Mississauga.

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