What Does Pro Bono Mean and How Can You Get A Family Lawyer Pro Bono in Mississauga?

Family Lawyer Pro Bono in Mississauga

The term “Pro bono” basically means “for the public good,” It is short for Pro bono Publico. This word is used when offering legal work and providing legal services at a lower cost or free. Many people are not earning a good amount of money, so they’d definitely require pro bono legal services to get help from the lawyers.

Getting a pro bono family lawyer is not difficult, but you’d have to follow the procedure to do that. Pro bono family lawyer service is provided to those individuals who have limited means and can not pay a fee.

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Why do Pro Bono? 

In 2019, the statistics of the low-income people from Ontario was 29,000. Where would they go if they need any legal advice? That’s why doing the Pro bono as a volunteer is necessary to ensure that all the people get legal assistance. Here are some more reasons why students should work as a Pro bono.

With Privilege Comes Responsibility

Most of the students can do volunteer work, including tutoring the children, being a part of an organization that provides food to the underprivileged, or coaching someone about their skills. However, lawyers have a particular niche of legal matters and the ability to solve them. Those abilities could be problem-solving, strategizing, conducting legal research, to name a few. They can hugely benefit other people with this skill set.

Practical experience and break from academic

It is great for the lawyers to get real-world experience by observing the lawyers and how they work. Generally, the courses taught in law school are mostly theoretical. On the other hand, if you go for Pro bono, you’d get hands-on experience by helping the individuals in their real-life issues and challenges. It is always good to implement the knowledge that you have acquired for few hours in a day. This help would be beneficial for both you and the people.

It gives you the ability to expand your career choices.

When you are studying in law school, you won’t be able to narrow down your interest. That’s why experiencing different things would be beneficial. Once you work as a Pro bono legal advisor or consultant, you’d get to explore public defence, and if you enjoy being a public defender, then you can pursue it as a career. Conversely, you might have studied policy advocacy, but working as a pro bono would allow you to have the experience in the courtroom. Therefore, doing pro bono work would benefit you to explore your areas of interest. You could get broad exposure to different law domains and allow you to engage with professionals.

How can you get a Pro Bono Family lawyer?

Pro Bono Law Ontario (PBLO) will help you get in touch with a family lawyer In Mississauga as the mission of the PBLO is to provide legal support to those who do not have limited income, so that’s how access to justice gets promoted. PABLO creates projects for different law firms, legal departments, and law associations.

There are three streams of projects currently:

  • In Toronto and Ottawa, Law help Ontario assists low-income, unrepresented litigants with civil and non-family cases.
  • When there is an issue of corporate law, Volunteer lawyers services is the one that reaches out to charitable organizations with the issues related to corporate law.
  • Low-income family lawyers are arranged by the Child Advocacy project so that those people with low income can get help. Those who are not earning enough money or living in poverty have multiple and complex issues in their lives. For instance, some people might have many children, so that it could be a kind of marriage contract, and the issues come up when taking care of every one of them.

If you require any assistance in the civil matter, you can contact Pro Bono Ontario’s helpline, which is 1-855-255-7256. They will provide free legal advice completely free of charge for around 30 minutes. Their working hours are from Monday to Friday between 9:30 am, and 11:30 am and from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

They’d help you with the following issues:

  • Court issues
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Consumer issues like the consumer protection
  • Creating a power of attorney
  • Corporate law for charities, non-profits, and small businesses.

Other projects of PBLO

The Niagra-Non profit Charities Project is also operated by the PBLO. The main aim of this charity project is to create, execute, and coordinate initiatives to help people providing legal services and resources to non-profit startups’ charity-based groups.

There is another project called the justice for children and youth, a clinic whose target audience is young people under 18. Moreover, homeless people are also given legal services at the age below 25 in Ontario. Apart from that, they also assist the parents with some basic legal information.


Lawyers love the advantage of providing pro bono legal services to ensure that low-income people have easy access to justice. Some of the pro bono projects of the pro bono law Ontario have been discussed above. Those organizations providing pro bono services only think about giving back to the communities and the satisfaction they derive from it.

Apart from the ones which have been mentioned above, there is one more named Mcmillan. It also has the same mission and vision of providing legal expertise to those who need it the most at zero cost. It doesn’t only cater to charitable and not-for-profit organizations, but it also helps the individuals through the Pro Bono Law Ontario.

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