5 Tips to Negotiating Child Custody in Oakville

5 Tips To Negotiating Child Custody In Oakville

If you live in Ontario’s largest town, “Oakville,” and are worried about your marriage, there are many things to consider. But before we begin, let us talk a little about why marriages break? There was a time when marriages used to last a lifetime. Now the dynamics are not the same. Everything moves at a faster pace. Everyone has an understanding of their ‘rights’. Most people are educated without even attending a college, and thus the norms are not the same. Privacy is a serious matter now. A Divorce is often considered as something ‘rude’ or ‘bad’,’ but the truth to many is that it’s liberating. Sometimes a relationship can become toxic, and continuing it can lead to a host of personal problems. With children, it can become a matter of their safety and personal well-being more than your own.

If you are going through something similar or know someone who has to make decisions in this regard living in Oakville. We have five tips on how to negotiate child custody in Oakville.

Be Emotionally Strong

It takes a lot of courage. For some parents, it’s the toughest decision of their life. Whether you are a mother or a father, emotional attachment with your child is very natural and cannot be neglected. The best way to deal with this situation is to be calm, patient, and most importantly, you need to be emotionally strong. This shows that you can handle difficult times without flipping out, and your chances for custody can increase.

Put Your Children First

What matters the most in a child custody case is who puts their child before themselves more. If you don’t care, you are definitely going to lose, and you should if you really don’t care. But as a responsible parent, it is essential to know the needs of your child before yourself. Your interests are secondary, and it should remain like this. We are not talking about pretending it in the court to gain custody. This is a real-life scenario where you have to be truly and genuinely concerned.

Understand Your Child’s Needs

To negotiate your child’s custody effectively, you need to fully know your child. Being unaware or careless about your child’s most basic requirements or needs is certainly not going to help. For a secure future for you and your child, you first need to secure custody – And for that, you need to be prepared. If you were careless up until now, this is the right time to bond with your child. Spend time with them before it’s too late. In court, you can only convince them if you really know what your child needs and wants.

Be Easy to Deal With

If you think that things will not lean in your favour, don’t make it difficult for yourself or the others. A healthy negotiation is when you are ready to understand the other side as well. By pushing it and doing absolutely anything to get custody looks egotistical and can be negative in the overall situation. Whatever the decision is, be ready to accept it as a sincere parent.

Keep New Relationships Private

Many quickly move into another relationship in order to deal with the stress. However, it should remain something private until any child custody matters are resolved. It creates unnecessary complexity and shows your selfishness over the whole custody case. For a better negotiation, you should only be concerned about the betterment of your child.


Child custody and access to your children are both different things. What happens in child custody is that the child support and all the decisions are handed over to you. Whereas when the custody is denied to a spouse, then there are several ways through which you will be given access to meet your child. Whatever the case may be, it is important to remember that your child needs you. Not getting custody is not the end of your relationship with the child.

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