Will Divorce Rates Spike After Coronavirus?

Will Divorce Rates Spike After Coronavirus

Coronavirus has hurt loads of procedures in the world, and divorce proceedings are not an exclusion. China, the world’s most populated country, is facing a spike in divorce applications. According to the English-language Chinese newspaper, ‘the Global Times and Bloomberg Businessweek’: ‘Xi’an, the Shaanxi Province capital, is swamped with divorce requests in the Covid-19 pandemic.’ As per this news, it looks like the longer Coronavirus is with us, the cases for divorce filings will keep increasing. People in Canada may be wondering if the same thing is happening here in their own country.

Thoughts on Getting a Divorce After Coronavirus

Covid-19 is not an ordinary situation that people around the world are going through, including Canada. According to one of the psychologists, ‘Steven Sandage’, a specialist in couples counselling: ‘Many couples are going through imperfect experiences in the pandemic. Some couples need to adjust to a whole new life structure during the calamity, and their spaces have been restricted. In some cases, the life-partners need to co-operate under conditions arousing much anxiety. Unhappy couples might file for a divorce after going through a challenging period of lockdown.’

According to a university professor: ‘Couples having basic life issues while being restricted in the same house, this might speed up the breakup if the pandemic continues. If the tensions amongst couples keep spreading in the current pandemic, you can’t blame the couples for that. It’s very acceptable in society to get a divorce today compared to the calamities of the past.’

Natural Disasters

Relationships do get affected by natural disasters and terrorism; thus, it will not be wrong to predict that Covid-19 might affect marriages in the coming year. Covid-19 is a peerless disaster that the whole world is suffering from, so we likely shall see many divorce cases and mental health problems in the next year in Canada. Increases in domestic violence and divorce are expected in the future. However, if you look at the past natural disasters in detail, you will come to know that even in such calamities, people wanted to get married, so you can’t just conclude from the current pandemic; divorce rates will keep increasing. However, Covid-19 is a calamity that has made it difficult for people to get married. Why? Because operations have become suspended.

What Are Family Lawyers Telling the People in Canada?

According to the family lawyers: ‘Divorce cases are not the issues they are dealing with these days. The issues that they are dealing with are either the custody of children or family plans for social distancing.’ According to the lawyers in Canada: ‘Judges are only giving priority to urgent cases through telephone calls and video conferences.’ As per lawyers: ‘The couples who are practicing social distancing are also thinking that it will be better for them to terminate their relationships.’ However, it still is not conclusive what lies ahead for couples in Canada in the coming years if the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t end.

The Bottom Line

You can’t just predict from the current statistics that divorce rates will spike after Covid-19, as the researchers neither favour nor deny that divorce rates increase in natural calamities.

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